Making Nutrition Support Affordable and Accessible

Making Nutrition Affordable


In the midst of a global pandemic with evidence of health inequities, I feel a burning desire to bridge the gap between conventional “sick-care” and access to nutrition education. Healthy diet and lifestyle practices can greatly improve immune function in response to all viruses, not just SARS-CoV2. Sadly, this powerful information is disproportionately inaccessible to those who most need to hear this vital message.

Reduced access to fresh produce, low-cost whole foods, and healthy take-out options is  considered a form of environmental racism, negatively affecting persons of black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC). These areas are commonly referred to as food deserts because of poor accessibility to foods that help to prevent disease and promote health.

There’s an underlying blame message that you’ve probably heard, with the common statement that your health is completely “your responsibility.” However, when there are few options to find real, whole foods because businesses refuse to operate in a lower socioeconomic area, that turns into a community and societal shortcoming.

To learn more about food deserts and environmental racism, view a fantastic TED Talk by Ron Finley who champions to expand urban gardens with his organization the Ron Finley Project. If you have a few more minutes, check out the documentary Fed Up that touches on the subsidization of our health crisis and how the food industry produces foods that promote overeating and disease.

At Craving4Health Integrative Nutrition, personalized nutrition support is provided exclusively via telehealth. In addition to special rates and discounts extended to first responders and their families, I continue to offer a sliding payment scale. Health should never be a privilege, and disease prevention should not be viewed as a luxury.

Going beyond my clinical practice, I’ve begun partnering with non-profit organizations such as the American Nutrition Association (ANA) and Vlada’s Seeds of Life. I will continue to broaden outreach to my local community and beyond.

To your health,

Laura Farnsworth, MS, CNS®, CN

Functional and Integrative Nutritionist


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