About Laura

Laura Farnsworth MS, CNS®, CN

Academic & Professional Highlights:

•  Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS®), a nationally-recognized certification:

    • Graduated with a Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition and Integrative Health

    • Completed a 1,000-hour clinical internship

    • Passed a comprehensive board examination 

•  Certified Nutritionist (CN), licensed in Washington, as California does not offer nutrition licensure 

•  Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology and Social Sciences – graduated summa cum laude while living in mainland Japan  

•  Former childbirth educator and certified women’s fitness coach



As a teenager, I perused the local bookstore, searching for answers to my own health issues that included low energy, hormonal imbalances, and intense food cravings.

Spirituality and mindfulness were a key focus once I reached adulthood, integrating an awareness of body-mind connections.

Although I recognized the importance of a healthy diet, I mainly focused on exercise during my 20’s and 30’s, becoming a certified fitness coach and attending massage school before having my first child. 

Pregnancy and parenting certainly stir things up. Working on my own rebalancing act, I was shocked to learn that my infant son had food allergies. After spending hours researching the “whys” to food allergies, I gained new perspectives into wellness.

As I grow wiser, I experience the many changes that women face. I’m passionate about mentoring women and helping them achieve balance in an often chaotic world.

Because of these many paths taken, I am in-tune with the complexities and unique qualities of your journey. I am truly honored to guide you to greater health and wholeness

Laura's story