Most frequent questions and answers
Laura Farnsworth is an Integrative and Functional Nutritionist. The integrative approach incorporates stress reduction techniques and whole-lifestyle considerations to influence food choices. The functional nutrition philosophy looks deeply into underlying causes for imbalance and addresses root causes rather than superficial symptoms alone.
Laura Farnsworth holds a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS®) credential that is similar to the requirements of a registered dietitian (RD). A CNS® nutrition professional must earn a master of science in nutrition, accrue at least 1,000 hours during a clinical internship, and pass a rigorous board examination.
The main difference between a RD and a CNS® practitioner is the training focus. A RD is skilled with acute medical care, while the CNS practitioner addresses clients holistically to improve and prevent illness.
Laura Farnsworth offers nutrition counseling in California and worldwide via telehealth. As each state establishes laws that oversee nutrition counseling and health coaching, Laura adheres to state requirements when working with a client.
As a nutrition practitioner in California, a state without licensing for nutrition professionals, Laura holds a valid Washington State license (Certified Nutritionist, or CN) for those agencies that request proof of licensure.
Appointments and new client forms are all completed online. You can view current availability for a free 15-minute discovery call or any one of the packages or sessions through the scheduling page.
Telehealth is provided through Practice Better, a HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures privacy and confidentiality. You simply need to have internet connectivity, a webcam, and two-way microphone audio to take advantage of this convenient service.
A Superbill can be provided to the client for submission to their insurance company. As there’s no guarantee that your insurance company will remit partial or full reimbursement, always check with your insurance provider before making an appointment.
New client specials are currently offered. In addition, a discount is provided for students, military, and other first-responder professions. For those with financial hardships, a sliding payment scale may be available.
Laura teaches the benefits of Mindful, Intuitive and Inclusive Eating. Looking at hidden motivations for food choices, we uncover deeper needs that should be addressed. Big results often occur after implementing small changes that will have the greatest impact. The client is always in the driver’s seat, while Laura is the navigator guide.
Laura suggests inclusive and intuitive eating whenever possible, adding beneficial foods to crowd out less favorable choices. However, sometimes short-term food restriction may be necessary for medical reasons. The long-term goal is always to increase food tolerance over time. We work together to determine food sensitivities and address the underlying causes of inflammation, which is often related to gut health.
Personalized lifestyle nutrition is customized according to unique lifestyle factors, food preferences, family & genetic influences, health concerns, and nutrient needs. Because we’re looking into root causes for symptoms, it will take at least two sessions to begin a lifestyle plan that often requires adjustment going forward.
Along with lifestyle recommendations, a 7-day meal plan sample with recipes is often included. A more customized meal plan, or a plan for a longer duration, may require a separate fee.
Nutritional Genomics is the science that studies how the human genome, nutrition, and health all intersect. Laura analyzes single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) reports to determine potential nutrient impact. Further evidence through laboratory testing is required to determine if a SNP is potentially active. Safe protocols, never mega supplementation or assumption of impact without evidence, are recommended . See the separate service for Nutritional Genomics analysis.
Laura Farnsworth offers select nutrition-related laboratory testing as allowed by state law through the following companies: Great Plains Labs, Genova Labs, and DUTCH Test.