Simple Strategies: Dietary Do’s

Simple Strategies Part 1

Have you tried various weight loss approaches without the ability to initially lose or keep off the weight? Well, you’re not alone, because many “diets” are meant for only short-term use. Let’s talk about weight improvement protocols that produce long-term results by changing how your body reacts to foods and stressors.

What Are GMOs, Really?


There are numerous environmental, socioeconomic, and health concerns regarding GMOs. Environmental concerns consist of lack of crop diversity and possible impact to pollinators and eventual food supply. Socioeconomic concerns reflect negative impact to farmers and lower-income individuals exposed disproportionately to more processed-food GMOs than higher income Americans. Many health concerns revolve around uncertainty about the impact to the gut microbiome and overall health in humans, in part because of minimal epidemiological and longitudinal studies completed.